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Looking for a few good firefighters...

Consider these 5 questions for a second…

1.) Have you ever thought about being a firefighter?
2.) Are you interested in serving your friends, family and community by joining  as an active or social member?
3.) Curious of what the firehouse is like?
4.) Want to take a tour?
5.) Did you know that no previous experience is needed, just a personal drive, dedication to serve and a willing to learn…and the training is free?
Stop by or call 570-398-0531 any Monday night from 6:00 till 9:00 PM or shoot us an email at ihcsta3js@gmail.com and we can help answer all your questions.

Recent Calls

Call Numbers and basic details are updated as soon as possible on here (seen on the right side of the page) and on FACEBOOK.
No details other than basic details will be given in either location. Please do no ask for updates or further details.