Past Updates and Events

1/2/2019 – New Independent Hose Company No. 1 webpage at “” goes live.
1/1/2019 – New fire company officer for 2019!

Independent Hose Company No. 1 Officers for 2019

President – Denny Kilpatrick
Vice President – Daryl Marden
Recording Secretary – Charles “Chunks” Rhinehart
Financial Secretary – Brian Fioretti

Chief 3 – Bob Cowfer
Chief 1-3 – Tim Willits
Chief 2-3 – Matt Brown
Captain 3 – Jay Willits
Lieutenant 3 – TO BE FILLED

Congratulations to the new company officers for 2019!

1/1/2019 – Company New Year’s Day Banquet;
Our annual New Year’s Day Banquet, a special thanks to Adam Kilpatrick, Anson Willits (for the perfect steaks) and everyone else who helped prepare the food or setup the hall.
12/24/2018 Christmas Eve morning;
Today Independent Hose Company No. 1 members assisted the Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Department (TVRPD) with the Annual Christmas Eve delivery of presents to area families.
Santa and his “elves” helped deliver the gifts all around the Jersey Shore area.
Thursday 12/13/2018;
Tonight members of Independent Hose Company No. 1 and their families assisted members of the Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Department and their families with wrapping presents for Santa himself to be delivered on Christmas Eve to local area families.
Note: Santa requested that he not be photographed for this article….but offered a brief statement, “Ho…Ho…Ho”.
Monday 12/3/2018;
Tonight the members of Independent Hose Company No. 1 were treated to a meal of Pizza and Wings before our December company meeting by The Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Department, The Lycoming County Sheriffs Office and Lawyer Denise Dieter.
The members of Independent Hose Company No. 1 thank you for the food and truly appreciate it.
From all the members, Thank you again! The food was awesome and delicious!
Monday 11/19/2018; 
Station 3 and other local fire departments attended a training/informational session on “High Tension Cable Median Barriers(HTCMB)”…i.e the new barriers seen being installed between the north and southbound lanes of route 220 from Avis/Pine Creek down to Williamsport.
During the 45 minute presentation by Bill Houpt from Penndot, we learned about their purpose which is:
“To take the energy out of an out of control vehicle by absorbing it and then redirecting the vehicle safely…keeping the vehicle from crossing the median into oncoming traffic….”
and the benefits which include:
– Decrease in crossover crashes
– Decrease in fatalities
– Faster install/maintenance before and after an incident
– Less cost
We also learned about emergency procedures to take the tension off of them, allowing us to work safely at the scene of an incident.
Thank you to Penndot for the presentation and Woodward Township Volunteer Fire Company, Station 2 for the invite.
Sunday 11/11/2018; 
Members of Station 3, other local first responder agencies and local military veterans were invited to an appreciation lunch by the members of the Pine Creek Valley Christian Church off of Sulphur Springs Rd. at 26 Locomo Lane in Jersey Shore.
The meal consisted of ham, scalloped potatoes, corn, green beans and pasta….and lots of other food and a whole table of desserts.
The members of Independent Hose Company, Station 3 – Jersey Shore greatly appreciate the invitation, the meal itself and the outward hospitality and kindness shown to us during our visit to your church.
Thank you from all of us.
Monday 11/5/2018;
Tonight Independent Hose Company #1 was presented a check by Jersey Shore Elks Lodge #1057.
The money will be used for the purchase of much needed fire police equipment to help keep us safe when out serving the community.
Thank you,
President – Brian Fioretti
Chief – Robert Cowfer
Fire Police Captain – Charles Rhinehart