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Past Member Photos – 

June 25, 1960

During the Independent Hose Company No. 1 carnival, (which was originally held on the lot of the car wash on the northern end of Pennsylvania Avenue near the Post Office and the Jiffy Market and Deli) a malfunction occurred with the ferris wheel and it came off of its pedestal.

The malfunction trapped everybody on the wheel, which at the time from information gathered was completely full.

To stabilize and secure the wheel , a chain was secured around the center hub of the wheel. Ladders were then used to rescue the riders.   

In the first photo (Photo 1) below, you will see an extended ladder.  The ladder is from the ladder truck which responded from the City of Lock Haven. They fully extended the ladder out straight (using men sitting on the back of the truck to add weight) and helped the riders off of the wheel one by one.

In the second photo (Photo 2), you see fire company members using a ladder via a “church raise” to assist a rider down off of the wheel.

Individuals that have been identified in the photos are:

George Teufel (Photo 2)

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